Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Only A Winter's Tale

I'm back! I never meant to take a blog hiatus but uni… uni got in the way. Yeah… Anyway, it's crazy to think that the last time I wore this dress I was under the hot Texan desert sun and now I'm in bloody cold London.








vintage dress
vintage velvet top (ok, top half of a dress I chopped up)
fake fur collar (from an old cape I chopped up)
Asos cardigan
mother's coat
Topshop gloves
random tights (you can't tell in these photos but they are pink and glittery!)
backpack from Spain
platform Converse
Pandora bracelet
watch from Shepard's Bush Market

I went to the Meadham Kirchhoff Christmas sample the other day (this is exactly why I love living in London! I met Ed!) and there was a lady there wearing a lace petticoat under a long black wool skirt with lil Victoriana-looking boots, who I can't get out of my head. This is kind of the opposite outfit to what she was wearing but in my head, it goes. I'm getting back into layering but it's a bit hard considering I left all my "boring" clothes back in Manchester… But who needs normal clothes when you've got such an exciting wardrobe?! :)

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Come Away With Me

^Norah Jones

A throwback to freer times this summer. America, I miss and love you. My liberal heart fell in love with the deep and wild southwest. :)
















1. Mission San Diego de Alcalá, CA
2. The Salton Sea at sunset, CA
3. San Diego Botanical Building, CA
4. Open road in Joshua Tree National Park, CA
5 + 6. Little Venice in LA, CA
7. Pacific-Asia Museum in LA
8. Hotel Paisano in Marfa, TX
9. Houston, TX
10. Noah Purifoy's outdoor art museum, CA
11 + 12. Donal Judd Foundation in Marfa, TX
13 + 14, Hotel Paisano in Marfa, TX

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pizza slice




Nathalie du Pasquier x American Apparel shirt
jeans from India
H&M jacket
backpack from Spain
platform Converse
wings from San Diego
watch from Shepard's Bush Market

It's kind of ironic that I was wearing this Chanel-inspired jacket today since I've been writing and making a little zine which is full of Chanel-bashing. But whatever, it was a rare opportunity to bust out a jacket that doesn't get enough wear because it's hardly ever the right weather. The title of this post refers to this shirt which I love to bits and have to force myself not to wear every day. I think the abstract print looks like pizzas but I've heard all sorts of opinions ranging from microbes to pomegranates. I've been wearing a lot of white-based or pale prints recently. I think I may have evolved from my pastel phase to a white phase…. but maximalist white, obviously. Also I got a cute new watch because I somehow managed to lose mine within the first week of uni. I usually hate 99% of watches because they are just so damn ugly (watches are not jewellery. Why is everyone pretending they are??) but I'm weirdly attracted to this one because it's quite simple yet such a tacky gold colour. :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Late night, bright light




jacket and skirt made by me
Uniqlo top
random tights
platform Converse
with wings from a market in San Diego

My life at the moment is just uni, uni, uni, tubes to and from uni. Hence these photos hastily taken on the way home. Uni is still pretty damn intense, but at least I've had my first deadline done and dusted and I think it went relatively well. Now to bash some more. Anyone who says fashion is easy is LYING their little ass off.

Anyway, I made this little (very little - this is why you should try clothes on before hemming them!) skirt out of leftover fabric from making my jeans, and a couple of leftover strips of PVC because PVC is always a good idea. I also made this little jacket and a matching skirt over the summer so now I have an adorable little skirt suit in mustard yellow! I currently love yellow just because it is such an aggressively and uncompromisingly attention-grabbing colour:)

Friday, 10 October 2014

Quién Fuera

^Los Bunkers






fake fur jacket made by me
skirt made by me
top from China
Pandora bracelet
platform Converse
earrings from India

Hi, hello! I am here, I am alive. Uni has been super stressful and hectic the past couple of weeks (still is) and I've been so sad that I've been wearing fabulous stuff every day but just not had the chance to shoot. When I packed for uni, I was very worried I wouldn't be able to take all my clothes so I packed in order of "fun-ness", meaning I prioritised packing anything sparkly, fluffy, brightly coloured or generally interesting. I didn't have enough space left for boring stuff like black t-shirts, plain hoodies and jeans which means that now, getting dressed every morning is a fun experiment! I strongly believe in dressing well/fun, especially when you're having a bad day. No mater how bad your day is, at least you're well dressed! And fluffiness makes everyone around you happy too! :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Imaginary Girl

^David Lynch



shirt from Buffalo Exchange
H&M skirt
YRU shoes
brooch from Hawaii
bag from Ebay
headband made by me

photos by J

So this is my first outfit post from London! Freshers week was a whirlwind so I didn't have chance to shoot anything (sad because I had some fab outfits, if I do say so myself). I'm starting to settle into more of a routine now and have found willing photographers' assistants (aka. my flatmates) so hopefully will go location scouting and be posting normally again! :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

LFW streetstyle

Ok so I know the whole "real streetsyle" v "fashion week peacock-ing" is debated but to me, if someone is on the street wearing clothes, their outfit is veritable street style. I moved down to the big ol' city for uni in the middle of London Fashion Week and since I'm studying fashion (what else?) on Monday morning, we were sent off down to the shows to see what we could armed with excited and cameras but sans tickets or passes. One of our assignments was to photograph outfits we loved and hated so here's some of what I saw and shot.
















And on another note, it was really hot in London so I don't know how all these people managed to survive in layers and fake fur! Clearly they are made of stronger stuff than me. Maybe one day I'll get to their level of heat resistance. :)